Operation Greyhound has been blessed by generous donations from individuals, family trusts, corporate matching gifts, and other non-profit organizations dedicated to saving animals. Our current adoption fee, $250 for a rescued greyhound, is less than half the average cost of $575 per greyhound. The difference is made up by the wonderful and compassionate contributors mentioned above.

Below is our Wish List.  If you or someone you know wish to donate any of the items, you will be helping our rescue and adoption program greatly. Please contact us as soon as convenient.

Dogfood We use 40 lb bags of Kirkland Turkey & Sweet Potato dog food which is purchased from Costco. Details...
Vehicles Trucks, vans, tractors, golf carts, off-road and RVs
Equipment  Kennel, laboratory, office and maintenance equipment
Supplies Kennel, office, and facility supplies
Services Medical, printing, mailing, maintenance
Other Assets Stocks, equities, works of art, antiques, valuables

We will immediately forward to you donation acknowledgements.

Vehicles that we can not directly use may be donated to our partners in saving animals. We will refer information for those vehicles to San Diego Animal Support Foundation or to other selected non-profit 501(c)(3) rescue organizations throughout California and the United States. Antiques and works of art may be referred to Ark Antiques of La Jolla.